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We Guarantee Your Oracle Training Success

   With personal hands-on training and optional follow-up mentoring you can guarantee that your training investment provides the maximum benefit. We develop a personal relationship with your students and ensure that we maximize their learning and we offer supplemental mentoring by your instructor.

   All Oracle Training instructors are seasoned Oracle professionals with many years of on-the-job experience and all SRI Oracle instructors are Oracle Certified Professionals and are specially trained to offer a hands-on, pragmatic learning experience.

   Why Not Use a Guru?

   Teaching an Oracle class is far more than just conveying basic concepts. Savvy students want to know how the content applies to their environment, and only a seasoned Oracle trainer can help.

   "The Curriculum Makes the Class"

   SRI Oracle Training has been developing database training courses for 10 years and is a trusted training source for some of the world's largest corporations. SRI staff has taught thousands of Oracle Training classes and we excel at developing Oracle training that explains complex computer topics in plain English. Read why many clients prefer Oracle instructors with extensive job experience.

   SRI provides world-class Oracle education at affordable prices. SRI Oracle training classes are designed for the working professional, and we guarantee your success by offering additional post-class consulting and mentoring.

Fore more detail on curriculum and training, please send an email to training@sri-solutions.com

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